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Mission Statement

The mission of the DML specification committee is to define and document the data format and content requirements for dimensional inspection results for reporting and database applications.


Important Notice - An error was found and fixed in the DML 3.0 schema on October 24, 2006. If you downloaded the schema prior to this, you should download the latest version.

This WEB site is devoted to the development of the DML standard and the promotion of its use. This is the original web page devoted to development of DML – it’s technical content was last updated in 2006 with the inclusion of the 3.0 Schema. In May 2009 DML became a joint project of the Automotive Industries Action Group (AIAG) and the Dimensional Metrology Standards Consortium (DMSC). The goal of the new joint development effort is to revise the 3.0 schema and to generate a formal specification document, by November 2009. Highlights of the schema revision are:

- Retention of the v3.0 data content

- Streamlining of the XML schema structure for data processing efficiency and clarity

- The next version of the schema will not be backwards compatible with version 3.0

- Editing of existing data elements and addition of new elements, as needed

The specification document will contain a data dictionary to supplement information in the XML schema, and will be formatted to be suitable for ANSI balloting.

For more information or to join the effort, please send your request to the DML Committee chairman, Bill Rippey (william.rippey@nist.gov , 301.975.3417)


DML Version 2.1 (Approved 25-Feb-2004)

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DML Version 3.0(Approved 27-Sep-2006)

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